Crisalys, “Sofubi Pop Up Show 2023”

Artist Crisalys has curated a group showcase of toy artists from around the world in celebration of the release of her first soft vinyl toy, Curi!

Come and see works by Teresa Chiba, Vampybitme, Javier Jimenez, Kaori Hinata, Candy Bolton, JRYU, Serinorica, Chompton and Teppei Nakao. 

Crisalys along with Vampybitme, JRYU, Chompton and Candy Bolton will be in attendance.

Curi is an original soft vinyl toy by Crisalys, sculpted and produced by toy artist Javier Jimenez from Spain. 

For CuriCrisalys wanted to incorporate much of the inspirations that go into her work, including the signature chunky sneakers the artist has been come to be known for, retro games and cute frogs.

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    About Crisalys

    Crisalys is a visual artist based in Santiago, Chile. her works depicts girls who share her tastes in fashion and hobbies with vibrant colors. she loves to collect sofubi toys and sneakers, worlds that are a focal inspiration in her work.

    Past clients include Nike, Coca-Cola, Adidas Originals, Levi’s, Bandai Namco, Shueisha, Walrus Audio and Sega.