Evelyn Tan, “In Dreaming”

&& Gallery presents “In Dreaming” the first solo exhibition by Evelyn Tan.

“In Dreaming” features two of the artist’s series of works. The ‘Bed’ series, a collection of meticulously rendered sanctuaries, complimented by her ‘Dream Diary’ series, direct excerpts from her dream journalling practice, rendered in ink and graphite.

We are so happy to provide the opportunity for visitors and fans of Evelyn Tan to experience these works in person.


Show will run from:
May 3rd – May 27th

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    About Evelyn Tan

    Evelyn Tan (she/her) is a Vancouverite multidisciplinary artist currently based in Los Angeles. Her narratives are intimate, stemming from dreams, memory, and fable, chasing nostalgia whilst exploring a coming of age.

    Evelyn has recognition through her social media presence, and is featured in several publications such as It’s Nice That, Office Magazine, Metal Magazine, MAPS Korea, and Hypebeast. Her work has been exhibited across the US and Canada, as well as internationally in Paris, Thailand, and Australia.