Amy Wibowo & Maddie Lim, “intersections”

&& Gallery presents “intersections” a joint exhibition from Maddie Lim & Amy Wibowo.

The titular exhibition, “intersections” is the forthcoming album from Maddie Lim with accompanying comic illustrated by Amy Wibowo (@SailorHg) published by Infloresce Records.

This new album by Maddie Lim is all about new journeys & in that spirit this exhibition will be unlike any we’ve done before.

Attendees of “intersections” will be treated to an audio visual experience allowing them to listen to the music from the album before it’s release & view all the artwork from the “intersections” comic as framed Risograph prints. Through a unique meld of music, light & projection the artwork will be revealed in sync with the music of the album taking the viewer step by step on an intimate journey through “intersections”.

This experience is to be enjoyed by groups of up to 6 people at a time & has an experience length of about 45 minutes.

June 15, 16, 22, 23 / 1 – 6PM


Everyone travels through life, crossing through countless intersections.

You’ve arrived here thanks to the many paths you’ve chosen along the way.

“intersections” is about embarking upon a new journey, turning over the page into a new chapter. Whether you’ve moved to a new town, started a new career, made a new friend, invested in a new hobby, or are building upon something that already exists.

“intersections” is about celebrating the things that make us who we are, the tools we’ve built along the way that will help us tackle the next thing in our own way, no matter how refined or not.

Most of the songs in the album follow a pop song inspired structure from a certain era, with a mix of instrumentation from acoustic instrumentations, modern synthesis, ROMpler and sample based arrangements, to sounds produced by early game consoles I grew up with, namely the early Nintendo consoles such as the NES, SNES, and N64. There are a mix of sequenced, live performed, and tracked elements throughout the album.

Maddie Lim

When Maddie approached me about working on the cover of her upcoming Infloresce album, I was so excited.

I love Maddie’s music and I’ve commissioned some songs from her for my games (pedal pushers, my Sailor V fan game). I love the mix of traditional instruments and digital sounds in her work, and they mirror my love for experimenting with mixing art and tech.

When she sent me her music sketches to listen to while I was working on the album cover, a whole storyline popped into my head, and I asked how she’d feel about the CD album booklet being a comic. Fortunately, she was on board and we started brainstorming and trading ideas as I sketched, storyboarded, outlined, and colored the comic.

I related to a lot of the themes that Maddie was hoping to express through the album, so our collaboration felt natural. There are multiple possible interpretations of the cover art and the comic, but I see myself reflected in the cover art as an introverted and weird kid growing up on the internet, and slowly opening up, meeting people and making friends irl, and becoming more comfortable in the world.

Amy Wibowo

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    About Maddie Lim

    Maddie Lim is a composer, reverse engineer, and software engineer mostly who writes original music, and various media including video games and cartoons. She likes to incorporates elements of digital fusion inspired by pop and video games and describes her music as “fun and sparkly✨”. Her reverse engineering work focuses on ROM hacking.

    She is passionate about the intersection between music, visual art, technology, and aims to work on visualizing things in interesting ways, exploring new kinds of creative software, and creating interactive experiences. Her notable work includes “Advance Wars 1+2: Re-Boot Camp” where she was music director, audio programmer, and lead composer. She also was composer for the upcoming title “Shantae Advance: Risky Revolution”, a composer on the cartoon series “OK K.O! Let’s Be Heroes”, and has released her own single “Perseids 🌠”.

    About Amy Wibowo

    Amy Wibowo is a software engineer, electrical engineer, and creative technologist whose art ranges from sweaters made on a hacked knitting machine to RFID jewelry to murals of circuit boards. She is also the author and illustrator of Bubblesort Zines, a zine series making computer science topics more accessible to a wider audience. Her work aims to explore the intersection of art and technology in interesting and thoughtful ways.

    About Infloresce Records

    Infloresce Records is a label for gentle music that goes hard. We’re a diverse collective of composers who make instrumental music infused with bittersweet melodies, kaleidoscopic harmonies, and enthralling rhythms. We specialize in digital fusion and indie classical music, and we love genre-bending!

    Aivi Tran and Miles Morkri run the label with collaborative help from all our musicians.

    Thank you for listening and supporting independent music!