Natalia Miramontes, “Snapshot”

&& Gallery presents “Snapshot”, a new series of watercolor portraits by Natalia Miramontes.

Natalia Miramontes (also known by parakid) has garnered a wide following through the years for her watercolor work. Her subjects parallel the medium she prefers. Watercolor scenes form moments of quiet contemplation to get lost in. The flow of time, frozen.

Natalia’s compositions spark nostalgic emotions – like a familiar scent from a place once traveled, or the warm light of a sunset shining through dusty windows. ‘Snapshot’ is her latest exploration of these concepts. Liminal spaces created from fond memories. Mundane scenes that form an emotional connection.

I like to illustrate slice-of-life scenes that show the quiet atmosphere around us and the comforting feeling of doing mundane activities. For ‘Snapshot’, I wanted to show a collection of scenes of friends in the middle of those activities that some of us might hold fond memories of. I hope my art reaches out to those who love a cozy and nostalgic feeling.

Natalia Miramontes


Show will run from:
April 12th – April 22nd

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    About Natalia Miramontes

    Natalia is an illustrator based in Los Angeles, California. Having studied animation at Otis College of Art and Design, she aspires to capture the feeling of a moment frozen in time through her art.

    Through her watercolor and ink illustrations, she primarily focuses on slice-of-life moments that bring a feeling of nostalgia and peace.