Nelson Wu, “Ordinary Blues”

&& Gallery proudly presents “Ordinary Blues,” a solo exhibition by Nelson Wu, also known as “ONIONLABS“.

“Ordinary Blues” showcases works from Wu’s upcoming art book of the same title, featuring his latest series on Japanese vending machines alongside collections depicting the storefronts & train stations of Tokyo, all rendered in his distinctive pixel art style.

Wu is a celebrated & award-winning pixel artist whose subjects range from everyday objects & food to urban landscapes such as rooftops, streets, & alleyways, often infused with fantastical elements like monstrous flying fish.

Pixel art as a medium evokes nostalgia & sparks the imagination, transporting viewers to an era when it was ubiquitous in video games & evoking the emotions associated with those experiences. This medium possesses the unique ability to instantly re-contextualize its subjects through this retro aesthetic lens.

Wu’s meticulous attention to the minutiae of city life translates seamlessly into pixel art, where he deftly harmonizes scale & detail, effortlessly blending the ordinary with fantastical elements.


Show will run from: July 5th – July 29th

Ordinary Blues is dedicated to the unique architecture that dominates Tokyo’s landscape. Storefronts, train stations, & vending machines are the subject matter of this artbook. Each space has a distinct appearance; it’s been lived in, cared for, having its own personality developed throughout the years.

Hundreds of thousands of people walk past these spaces everyday and they’ve almost become a routine sight; just another day. The ordinary. Highlighting these everyday spaces and objects is something I enjoy doing. Something about it gravitates me towards it, and I hope it does for you too.

Nelson Wu

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    About Nelson Wu

    Nelson Wu is a pixel artist and illustrator based in Toronto. He is currently working in the video game and entertainment industry. 

    Nelson’s experiences traveling in Asia have inspired many projects and ideas. Some common themes include environments, food, animation, and design. These themes are a reflection of those experiences; many contained as a frozen memory in the form of looping animations.

    He is currently pursuing ambitious projects such as making his own artbooks, animations and currently operates his own storefront called ONIONLABS.