JoJo Lee, “Asian Americana: Homecoming”

&& Gallery presents the first solo exhibition from New York City based multi-disciplinary artist JoJo Lee.

Asian Americana: Homecoming, is a series of hand painted wood cuts, exploring the fusion between iconic Eastern and Western imagery. Each subject reimagined in the artist’s own unique style, presented in bright color palettes and bold lines. Borrowing from his own lived experiences, JoJo’s work is able to resonate through its commentary on the Asian American childhood and a bridge between the nostalgia of traditional and pop culture.


Show will run from:
March 9th – April 1st

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    About JoJo Lee

    JoJo Lee is a Taiwanese-American artist / designer based in Brooklyn, NY. His interest in creating woodcut paintings began in 2021, after working professionally across a range of visual disciplines such as traditional drawing, digital illustration, and graphic design for the past decade.

    Drawing from his early fascination with street art, pixel-based RPGs, and world mythology, JoJo’s body of work seeks to put a refreshing coat of paint on culturally significant characters and motifs using his signature bold style.