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  • My Famicase Exhibition – LA 2024

    && Gallery is thrilled to announce that we will be hosting the 20th anniversary of the My Famicase Exhibition, traveling from METEOR in Tokyo, Japan. Founded in 2005 by METEOR, a distinguished gallery & retro-games shop in Tokyo, Japan, the MY FAMICASE EXHIBITION invites participants to conceive an original Famicom game concept. Using the iconic… Read more

  • Nelson Wu, “Ordinary Blues”

    && Gallery proudly presents “Ordinary Blues,” a solo exhibition by Nelson Wu, also known as “ONIONLABS“. “Ordinary Blues” showcases works from Wu’s upcoming art book of the same title, featuring his latest series on Japanese vending machines alongside collections depicting the storefronts & train stations of Tokyo, all rendered in his distinctive pixel art style.… Read more

  • Aegyo Apparel™ Pop-Up.

    Aegyo Apparel™ presents their inaugural pop-up gallery show at && Gallery, synthesizing K-pop & corporate culture through a hybrid experience at the intersection of high art & low culture.  Created to recontextualize Hallyu culture via parody corporate clothing designs, Aegyo Apparel™ fosters critical discourse on the consumption of K-pop from an American perspective. Reflecting late-stage… Read more

  • Dream Market LA 2024 – POP-UP

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  • Amy Wibowo & Maddie Lim, “intersections”

    && Gallery presents “intersections” a joint exhibition from Maddie Lim & Amy Wibowo. The titular exhibition, “intersections” is the forthcoming album from Maddie Lim with accompanying comic illustrated by Amy Wibowo (@SailorHg) published by Infloresce Records. This new album by Maddie Lim is all about new journeys & in that spirit this exhibition will be… Read more

  • Evelyn Tan, “In Dreaming”

    && Gallery presents “In Dreaming” the first solo exhibition by Evelyn Tan. “In Dreaming” features two of the artist’s series of works. The ‘Bed’ series, a collection of meticulously rendered sanctuaries, complimented by her ‘Dream Diary’ series, direct excerpts from her dream journalling practice, rendered in ink and graphite. We are so happy to provide… Read more

  • Natalia Miramontes, “Snapshot”

    && Gallery presents “Snapshot”, a new series of watercolor portraits by Natalia Miramontes. Natalia Miramontes (also known by parakid) has garnered a wide following through the years for her watercolor work. Her subjects parallel the medium she prefers. Watercolor scenes form moments of quiet contemplation to get lost in. The flow of time, frozen. Natalia’s… Read more

  • JoJo Lee, “Asian Americana: Homecoming”

    && Gallery presents the first solo exhibition from New York City based multi-disciplinary artist JoJo Lee. Asian Americana: Homecoming, is a series of hand painted wood cuts, exploring the fusion between iconic Eastern and Western imagery. Each subject reimagined in the artist’s own unique style, presented in bright color palettes and bold lines. Borrowing from… Read more

  • ‘Cup O’ Comfort’ – An Instant Noodle Art Show

    Pull back lid to dotted line. Fill cup to inside line with boiling water Close lid. Let stand for 3 minutes. Remove lid. Stir well and enjoy. Millions of people have followed these instructions for a quick, easy and affordable meal. Hot, savory and fast, it’s offered respite to those with little time to cook.… Read more

  • Crisalys, “Sofubi Pop Up Show 2023”

    Artist Crisalys has curated a group showcase of toy artists from around the world in celebration of the release of her first soft vinyl toy, Curi! Come and see works by Teresa Chiba, Vampybitme, Javier Jimenez, Kaori Hinata, Candy Bolton, JRYU, Serinorica, Chompton and Teppei Nakao.  Crisalys along with Vampybitme, JRYU, Chompton and Candy Bolton will be in… Read more